General Dentistry

At Hughes Dental Group, we care about your smile! Whether you need treatment for a dental issue or are working toward goals for your smile, we want to help! From dental cleanings to crowns and bridges, we offer several treatments that can help you maintain a healthy smile. If you are searching for a dentist in Leo, IN, call today to get the dental help that you need!


A professional dental cleaning can help your smile stay healthy. When your hygienist performs a dental cleaning, plaque and tartar buildup is removed. This can help brighten your smile and save your teeth and gums from decay and infection. By receiving a professional cleaning every six months, you can keep your smile going in the right direction!


A dental exam gives our team the information we need to keep your smile on the right track. A dental exam allows your dentist to look for any signs of dental trouble from decay to gum disease. If caught early, dental treatment can be quicker and less expensive. By keeping up on your dental check-ups, you can avoid dental emergencies and address small problems right away. If you are in need of a dental check-up in the Leo, IN area, give us a call!


Although we do whatever we can to avoid tooth extractions, sometimes an extraction can benefit your smile. A tooth extraction may be recommended if you have crowded teeth, a wisdom tooth that has no room to grow or a severely damaged tooth. Whatever the reason is, you can rely on your licensed dentist to carefully remove your tooth.


Dental sealants work to prevent tooth decay in areas of the mouth that are hard to clean! Dental sealants are a clear plastic coating that is applied to the hard-to-reach areas of your smile and over the deep crevices of your teeth. Lasting for many years, dental sealants act to shield your teeth from bacteria since it cannot access the enamel of the teeth.

Crowns & Bridges

If you have a damaged tooth, a dental crown can help restore your smile. Dental crowns are color-matched to surrounding teeth and custom-made to fit your smile. A dental crown can be used to cover a damaged tooth so it can be used normally again and look natural. A dental crown can also be used with a dental bridge to restore a missing tooth. Replacing a missing tooth can keep other teeth from shifting out of place. A dental bridge connects to a tooth on either side of the gap and fills in that missing space with dental crowns.

Root Canals

A root canal can save your tooth from extraction and get you out of tooth pain. When decay in a tooth has spread to the interior of your tooth, it eventually reaches the sensitive pulp and nerves. One the decay has gone this far, a root canal is needed to remove all of the decay and infection. If left untreated, your tooth will most likely need to be extracted in the future. Your dentist can perform a root canal by removing all of the decay and infection, cleaning the interior of the tooth and sealing it. Then, a dental crown is placed over the treated tooth to give you back its normal function. A root canal can be performed typically in just one visit.

Family Dentistry

At Hughes Dental Group, we offer dentistry for every age! Children, teens and adults are all provided with a great dental experience and high-quality care. We want every patient to feel comfortable and maintain a healthy smile. For children, we can help clean and protect their smile from tooth decay. Once tooth decay forms in baby teeth, it can affect their permanent teeth as they grow. We invite parents to visit our office so we can answer any questions you may have and walk you through every stage of your child’s oral development. Teens can also benefit from dental care and orthodontic treatment here at Hughes Dental Group. By receiving consistent dental care throughout your teen years, you can pave the way for a healthy smile for life! For adults, we can help you reach your dental goals or offer solutions with a dental issue. If you are in need of family dentistry in Leo, IN, we’re here to help! Our team has helped patients of every age and we aim to make each patient’s visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 

Oral Cancer Screenings

As part of our preventative dentistry, we offer oral cancer screenings at regular dental check-ups. By catching signs of oral cancer early, there is a much higher chance of successfully treating the cancer. We offer oral cancer screenings to our patients to help care for both oral and overall health. During these screenings, we will look for discoloration or patches of rough, raised tissue within your mouth. Biopsies will help determine if this is an area of concern or not.

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